Gratitude links collected from Beaudesert, Veresdale Scrub and Gleneagle

DREAMGUARD co-founder Donna-Leigh Perfect was at 101.5 BeauFM community radio station this morning to promote her Guinness World Record attempt to construct the world's longest gratitude chain.

Made from links of brightly coloured paper, each marked with an individual message of gratitude, the anti-bullying campaigner said the chain needed about 17,000 links to beat the current record.

"International Gratitude Day is on September 21 and we will be measuring measuring the chain on the beach at Miami when the sun comes up on that day," she said.

"We already have about 6000 links and more are coming in every day.

"We've have links sent from people all over the world including India, Africa and Ireland.

"We also have links for the chain coming from Carnival Cruise Lines' Carnival Spirit."

Ms Perfect said they had been asking people to jot down on scraps of paper six centimetres by 21 centimetres the things in their lives for which they are grateful.

She said they had been constructing the gratitude chain for about 18 months since their Dream Guards Community Showcase in March.

Ms Perfect and her partner Michael Bennett were also dropping in to Veresdale Scrub State School and Gleneagle State School, where the Dreamguards anti-bullying program had been successfully implemented, to pick up gratitude links from students.

The goal is to not only break the world record for the longest gratitude chain but also to showcase it on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and eventually display it as an art installation.

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