Scott Lane to remain 80km zone amid speed limit review

A NORTH Maclean resident has called for the speed limit to be cut on a road frequently used as a shortcut route to Flagstone.

SPEED REVIEW: North Maclean resident Ray Schipp wants Scott Lane's speed limit dropped. Photo: Jacob Wilson

SPEED REVIEW: North Maclean resident Ray Schipp wants Scott Lane's speed limit dropped. Photo: Jacob Wilson

Ray Schipp, who has lived on Scott Lane for the past 40 years, wants to see the speed limit reduced from 80km/h to a 70 or 60 zone amid noise, traffic and wildlife concerns.

He said traffic was three to four times heavier than it was before Flagstone was declared a priority Development Area.

"Everybody races down Scott Lane because it is a shortcut to Flagstone," he said.

"I think Scott Lane should be a 60 or 70 zone to keep the noise down and protect the wildlife.

"I used to see lots of ducks in the area and all of a sudden they are disappearing.

"Development is being done too quickly and nothing major is being done to the roads."

Logan City Council recently completed a speed limit review of Scott Lane which found the current limit was appropriate.

A council spokesperson said road function, environment, prevailing traffic speeds and road safety factors were considered.

"A detailed response was recently provided to a resident who requested that council review the speed limit on Scott Lane," the spokesperson said.

Mr Schipp said he was told by the council that an unrealistically low speed limit would not be respected and would not improve safety.

However, Mr Schipp said surrounding roads had reduced speed limits.

"If you look at other nearby roads like Crowson Lane and Stoney Camp Road they are perfectly marked out and 70 zones," he said.

Last month, the Queensland government, Logan City Council and nine developers secured a $1.2 billion deal to secure Flagstone and Yarrabilba's infrastructure needs over the next 45 years.

An Infrastructure and Planning state government department spokesperson said upgrades for 53 kilometres of road including Chambers Flat Road, Teviot Road, New Beith Road, Johnson Road, Logan Reserve Road, Stockleigh Road, Edelsten Road, Crowson Lane and Cusack Lane were planned to go ahead by 2026.

A further 117km of surrounding roads would be upgraded over the life of the infrastructure deal.