Jimboomba Gymnastics Club raises $554 from Biggest Morning Tea

A group of fighting fit seniors battled the spectre of cancer at the Jimboomba Gymnastics Club's Biggest Morning Tea.

There were almost 30 people who attended the Fitter For Life fundraiser which started at 9am on Thursday morning.

Senior members started the day with warm up classes which included stretching, balance and entertainment activities.

The gymnastics class was followed by a morning tea and raffle which raised $554 for the Cancer Council.

Jimboomba Gymnastics Club coach Shantell Hansen said most senior gymnasts make significant progress after attending weekly sessions consistently for at least one month.

"Some people who could not touch their toes and were at their knees can now touch the floor," she said.

'They get so excited and it is exciting for us too."

Coach Beth Frost said the gymnastics club have people a venue where they could work on their fitness and build social connections.

"We keep up their exercises and balance so if they do have a fall they are less likely to break something," she said.

"They have been very active and some bring their grand kids to classes to join in."

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea fundraisers have been held nationwide in support of the Cancer Council.