ARTC Consultative Committee meeting gets hostile reception at Algester

AUSTRALIAN Rail Track Corporation representatives were confronted with a hostile reception at the Community Consultative Committee meeting on the Inland Rail project on Tuesday night.

INLAND RAIL: ARTC representatives fielded questions from Logan and Scenic Rim residents at a consulative committee meeting on Tuesday, May 14.

INLAND RAIL: ARTC representatives fielded questions from Logan and Scenic Rim residents at a consulative committee meeting on Tuesday, May 14.

Logan and Scenic Rim residents made the trip to Algester Sports Club for answers on potential noise, environmental and economic impacts of the Kagaru to Acacia Ridge and Bromelton section of the project on May 14.

The room was packed and a show of hands revealed only a handful were supportive of the project. ARTC representative Kerrin Roberts told the committee they were awaiting the coordinator general's decision on whether the project would require an Environmental Impact Statement.

Ms Roberts said ARTC had started preparing geotechnical and soil investigation plans, preliminary level crossing assessments and consulted a cultural heritage adviser.

Committee member Suz Corbett asked for a copy of ARTC's initial advice statement to the coordinator-general to be made public but was told it would be released once the process was finalised.

Flagstone committee member Bob Wiley said he was concerned about the proposed Kagaru crossing loop.

An interactive ARTC map shows the proposed crossing loop is near several homes along Bushman Drive, Drifter Court and Drover Crescent.

"We have got properties going right up against that passing loop. Are we going to have to put up with diesel engines sitting there for 60 minutes?" Mr Wiley asked.

ARTC representative Kerrin Roberts replied that trains would not be stopped for more than 60 minutes

"We will undertake noise assessments and determine the right mitigation measures," she said.

Committee member Lloyd Stumer told the committee it was very significant that Labor's Infrastructure spokesperson Anthony Albanese had promised an independent review into the Inland Rail route.

"It is important for community members and stakeholders to be fully aware of this and participate where possible."

Independent candidate for Wright Innes Larkin said he was pushing for an inquiry into the business case and route of the project.

"This is truly poor public planning which places an unfair burden on the people living along the planned route, exposing tens of thousands of residents in heavily populated areas (that are also projected to grow threefold) to inappropriate impacts like coal dust, excessive noise, vibrations in their homes and diesel fumes," he said.

"This is not a fair or just outcome for people who have chosen a rural lifestyle for all the right reasons."

ARTC could not provide a response to media due to federal election caretaker provisions.

The next committee meeting will be on August 5.