Candidates pitch Wright voters ahead of federal election

INCUMBENT: Seven more candidates are prepared to give Scott Buchholz a run for his money on election day.
INCUMBENT: Seven more candidates are prepared to give Scott Buchholz a run for his money on election day.

EIGHT people have been endorsed to run for Wright in the federal election.

The Beaudesert Times has given each candidate the opportunity to submit information about themselves and their policies, together with a video and photo.

The federal election will see incumbent Scott Buchholz (LNP) contest the seat of Wright in a battle against Labor's Pam McCreadie, Independent Innes Larkin, Shannon Girard from the Greens, United Australia Party's David Wright, Matthew Tomlinson from Katter's Australia Party, Chris O'Callaghan from Pauline Hanson's One Nation and Rod Smith of Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party.

The candidates are listed below.

Incumbent Scott Buchholz: Liberal National Party

"As someone who has always lived in regional towns, run my own small business and raised a family, I know that a strong economy is central to everything. It's not just about jobs, taxes and the bottom line - it's about people. A strong economy means we can guarantee funding for schools and hospitals, continue to strengthen our Medicare system and provide a social safety net for those in need.

We can keep Australians safe and secure with a strong border protection program. It means we can invest in better roads and transport infrastructure in the regions. A strong economy creates an environment in which our local businesses can grow and create more jobs and opportunities, especially for our young people.

We all know from personal experience that you can't just keep on racking up debt. And we all understand that you can't pay for the essentials if you can't manage money. That's why a strong economy is so important for the future.

I'm proud to be part of a team that has the runs on the board when it comes to economic management. In this year's budget, we announced the first surplus in 12 years. But I'm also passionate about fighting for the things we need locally and making sure our local communities share in the benefits.

I've helped secure extra funding to fix roads, repair bridges, support local community and sporting groups, and invest in our local schools, hospitals and defence force. But there's more to be done.

That's why the choice at this election is clear. It's a choice between the strong economic management of the Morrison government that's delivering real benefits or the higher taxes and reckless policies of Bill Shorten and Labor that will punish retirees, home buyers and families trying to get ahead."

Shannon Girard: Greens

"I'm Shannon Girard and I'm running for Wright because our community has been taken for granted by the major parties for far too long and we need bold solutions to the challenges we face.

Our plan includes:

  • Full funding of our schools with free TAFE and university so every young person can get the skills and knowledge they need to compete in our changing economy.
  • Universal access to health care which includes dental care and mental health
  • Free childcare and affordable housing
  • Investment in essential services such as aged care and the NDIS
  • An increase to Newstart, Youth Allowance and the minimum wage
  • A major investment in renewables to tackle climate change, create the clean energy jobs of the future and lower our power bills.

We need to ban corporate donors from trying to buy influence in our political system so that our representatives serve our community and not their corporate donors.

Vote for me in the lower house and re-elect Larissa Waters to the Senate so we can hold the major parties to account and build a better future for all of us."

Innes Larkin: Independent 

"This Election the choice is clear...

If you truly want a person to represent you, not follow the party line - vote independent

If you want someone who will fight for his community - vote independent."

Innes Larkin is standing as an independent for the seat of Wright.

Innes is a tourism identity in the Scenic Rim.

He was the spokesperson for Keep The Scenic Rim Scenic which protected the Scenic Rim from coal and CSG development when politicians failed the community.

In 2016 Innes was awarded the Australian Search and Rescue Award for his efforts rescuing 700 people off Mt Barney.

He has been a member of the community advisory committee for the Gondwanan Rainforests of Australia World Heritage property for 5 years, and a board member of Ecotourism Australia for nearly 3 years. He has made representations to parliament many times, including a parliamentary enquiry. He is experienced and comfortable with media having gained these skills in the course of being in the tourism industry for 18 years. He has a reputation of speaking out and speaking up when it is needed.

Innes sees a need for a credible alternate candidate for the electorate of Wright. Many who live locally have suggested for years that he use his natural leadership and strong integrity to run for political office.

Innes has identified 5 guiding principles.

With the need for action on climate change, and:

  • Fairness
  • Government as a service
  • Inclusiveness
  • Your voice
  • A voice for the voiceless

Matthew Tomlinson: Katter Australia Party

Katter's Australian Party candidate Matthew Tomlinson has juggled working as a stockman and campaigning in what he says is the most important election in two decades to decide Australia's future. As a born and bred Beaudesert local, he believes he also has the knowledge to represent the electorate of Wright in the beneficial ways the residents deserve, and promises to deliver on a mixture of issues facing the agricultural, industrial and environmental aspects of the region.

With a background heavily influenced by farming, Matthew wants a fairer system for primary producers to continue to deliver their class leading, globally demanded products while profiting from their hard work and innovation.

"With the urban sprawl encroaching on Wright's scenic doorstep, I want to ensure that spread doesn't encroach on prime agricultural land, or on the heavily biodiverse environment the region offers.

The 'Green-tape' approach that is currently in place to protect the natural wonders of the region by locking up the National Parks has developed a cesspool of weeds, feral pests, and under-utilised tourism dollars, while being a death trap in the risk of bushfires to anyone living alongside the wilderness.

I envision the creation a public lands management system that will protect the most endangered areas while creating jobs, tourism, a safe environment for families, and tied in with our rich indigenous heritage.

I believe the future of industry in the region should be one that is conscious of the impacts on residents, infrastructure and the environment.

Jobs creation and infrastructure should be paramount to any further developments applications, to avoid socio-economic dead zones, as residents around the electorate of Wright are accustomed to the rewarding lifestyle this unique region offers."

Rod Smith: Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party

"Major party politicians have made promises for decades to fix the electorate's chronic problems.

There is very little public transport here in the Wright, it is a huge electorate, the roads and infrastructure can't cope, services are maxed out and yet governments of all stripes want to bring yet more people into the region/nation with more subdivisions with tiny blocks of land.

Governments want the tax and the economic activity in our area as a dormitory suburb of Brisbane but are avoiding their responsibilities to provide the local community integral services."

"There is no viable plan to upgrade the Mt Lindesay Hwy, there is no business plan to construct a passenger rail into the electorate until 2041, there is no vision for the M1.

The Inland Freight Rail project got the nod but not a rail passenger service to take the pressure off the inadequate roads."

"The truth is, major party politicians can't represent you in parliament, they must do what their party tells them, or else they lose their pre-selection.

Rather they represent themselves and the government in your electorate. They are there to market to you unpopular decisions that have already been made elsewhere."

Pam McCreadie: Labor

No information had been received from this candidate at time of publication.

David Wright: United Australia Party

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Chris O'Callaghan: Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party

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