Battle for Forde will go down to the wire

THE flow of Clive Palmer's United Australia Party and One Nation preferences could determine the result in the marginal seat of Forde, according to an expert.

DOWN TO THE WIRE: Labor candidate Des Hardman and LNP incumbent Bert van Manen are in the fight of their political lives.

DOWN TO THE WIRE: Labor candidate Des Hardman and LNP incumbent Bert van Manen are in the fight of their political lives.

Griffith University political analyst Paul Williams told the Jimboomba Times that the battle of Forde would go down to the wire.

Dr Williams said the federal campaign had brought some momentum back to the LNP in seats like Forde but still expects a Labor win.

"While you would not want to be in Bert van Manen's shoes with a 0.6 per cent margin you can't write him off," he said.

"It will be a close result. Labor will probably get over the line but it will come down to Palmer and One Nation preferences.

"Scott Morrison's leadership has given Bert a chance of holding the seat that Malcolm Turnbull wouldn't have.

"One thing we do know is the swing to Labor has been pegged back in Queensland compared to where it was 12 months ago."

Labor candidate Des Hardman's campaign has had a heavy focus on health and education while the LNP's Bert van Manen has announced funding for infrastructure spending including commuter car parks and road upgrades.

Mr van Manen has also attacked Labor's dividend imputation policy and negative gearing changes.

Dr Williams said both sides adopted the right strategies for a seat like Forde where "kitchen-table economics" was important.

"They have both taken the right road with material policies that impact people's personal lives," he said.

"Across the board, Labor does not seem to have a convincing narrative in response to taxation policy. They need to tie the tax take to delivering better schools and is there but not coordinated.

"There is no doubt Labor has been weighed down by tax fears not just from odler voters but negative gearers.

"This is part and parcel when being a big target opposition playing to coalition strengths."

In Queensland, Dr Williams predicts Labor could either go backwards by one seat or pick up as many as eight seats. On a national level, Dr Williams said neither major party would get a thumping majority but predicted a Labor win.

"Scott Morrison had the best two weeks of his Prime-ministership in the first weeks of the campaign while Bill Shorten had his worst two weeks at the beginning of the campaign," he said.

"The tide is turning back in Labor's favour again after winning three debates in the eyes of most observers.

"It will be close. There could be a hung parliament but going into (this) week that is less likely."

Forde candidates

Note: All candidates were asked to supply video and written pitches to support their election campaigns.

Bert van Manen - LNP

INCUMBENT: Bert van Manen is fighting to retain his seat.

INCUMBENT: Bert van Manen is fighting to retain his seat.

There is a clear choice this election, between Scott Morrison and our plan for lower taxes, better healthcare, better education and a lower cost of living or Bill Shorten and his plan for more and higher taxes.

Only with strong economic and budget management can we continue to improve things locally, like fixing our local roads, supporting local organisations and continuing to invest record amounts in our local schools and hospitals.

This includes fixing the M1 at exits 41 Yatala and 49 Pimpama, and upgrading the Mount Lindesay Highway and Chambers Flat Rd to get you home sooner and safer.

At Logan Hospital we're investing in a new specialist care centre to take pressure off the emergency department and provide additional outpatient support. We're also renovating the Children's Ward to create a more comfortable environment for sick kids and their families.

We're supporting our local sporting groups like providing new field lighting for the Chambers Flat Mustangs Rugby League Football Club.

The Morrison Government understands the importance of a strong economy. That's why we're delivering lower taxes for families and small businesses, to help you get ahead.

Bill Shorten wants higher taxes - on retirees, housing, incomes, investments, family businesses, electricity and more. These would hurt families here in Forde, we simply cannot risk Bill Shorten."

Des Hardman - Australian Labor Party

As a Radiographer, I have and will always stand for access to quality health care for all Australians.

That's why I'm proud that a Federal Labor Government will reverse the Coalition's cuts of $6.1 million from Logan Hospital and $11 million from the Gold Coast University Hospital, which will not only alleviate some of the pressure from the Emergency Departments but, will allow people to get the health services that they need and deserve.

As a dad of three, I also stand for quality education for all Aussie kids and under a Labor Government $26 Million will go towards local schools, $200 Million will go to Tafe's and we would fund 150,000 apprenticeships will be made available, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

LABOR: Des Hardman is running for Forde.

LABOR: Des Hardman is running for Forde.

I also stand for the thousands of workers in the Forde community who used the money from their penalty rates to make ends-meat, only a Labor Government will back these workers to ensure that the cuts to their penalty rates will be reversed within the first 100 days of government.

These policies highlight some of the most common issues people have with the current Federal Government.

When I'm out door knocking and phone calling, I continually hear the same thing from locals, they're sick of the cuts and chaos in Canberra and they're sick of the instability that comes with a Coalition government.

With your support I, alongside Labor can help deliver policies like these and so many others, I'm fighting for a fair go for Forde.

Kirsty Petersen - The Greens

GREENS: Kirsty Petersen is running for Forde.

GREENS: Kirsty Petersen is running for Forde.

I'm Kirsty Petersen, Greens candidate for Forde.

I'm running for Forde to give people a positive, forward-looking alternative to the major parties.

Our community faces big challenges such as the rising cost of living, lack of job opportunities, inadequate services, and the threat of climate change.

People are tired of the major parties making promises and never delivering.

We need bold solutions to fix the problems we face.

I'm campaigning for universal health care that includes dental and mental health; full funding of schools with free TAFE and university so young people can have the skills and knowledge they need to get ahead in life; free to low-cost access to essential services, such as childcare and aged care; affordable housing; and a major investment in renewables to tackle climate change, drive down our power bills, and create the clean energy jobs of the future.

We can pay for these things by making corporations pay their fair share, and by banning donations from corporations trying to buy influence.

We need representatives who will serve our interests, not those of big corporations.

Vote Greens in the House and Senate for a better future for all of us and to hold the major parties to account.

Ian Bowron - One Nation

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Paul Creighton - United Australia Party

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Les Innes - Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party

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