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LETTERS: Share your viewpoint by emailing jtletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Include your full name and address.

Abhor injustice

Like Robbie's blog (a local real estate site) we abhor injustice.

However, the matter of the dismissal of eight Logan City Council councillors is not an injustice.

The blog's assumption of their innocence of any wrongdoing in the removal from office of Logan City Council chief executive Sharon Kelsey is questionable and fails to acknowledge evidence that has been placed in the public forum.

Sharon Kelsey could not have been dismissed for poor performance as her performance appraisal, completed by an independent body appointed by the mayor, met the standards required.

Sharon Kelsey was dismissed because she was preparing to go to the Crime and Corruption Commission about council matters.

A cabal of councillors met to use their numbers to remove the CEO. The council meeting to dismiss her was confidential so their reasons did not have to be made public.

Cr Trevina Schwarz was a member of that cabal with stood-aside mayor Luke Smith.

What has her devotion to helping the people of Jimboomba delivered?

She certainly had no loyalty for the CEO and was not concerned about consigning her to the ranks of the unemployed.

There will be no crocodile tears shed for these stood-aside councillors by most Logan residents.

- R. Shaw, Logan Ratepayers Association

Crushing confidence

The Palaszczuk government continues to crush business confidence.

The latest quarterly survey from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland spells disaster for the state's economy under Labor.

The survey revealed business confidence slumped 3.3 points in the March quarter, compared to 12 months earlier. This is more proof our economy is flat lining at a time when Queensland desperately needs jobs.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has lost control of the economy and the small business community has lost confidence in Labor. It's shocking that 43 per cent of respondents expect a weaker Queensland economy.

Alarmingly, 51 per cent of Queensland businesses reported declining profitability in the March quarter. It's no wonder we have the nation's second highest unemployment.

- J. Krause, MP

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