Flagstone man bitten by snake and injures wrist at the same time

Man bitten by snake and injures wrist at the same time

A FLAGSTONE man has been taken to hospital with a snake bite and injury to the same wrist.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the man, reported to be in his thirties, was being taken to Logan Hospital in a serious but stable condition.

She said he fell over, sustaining a wrist injury, and was bitten by a snake on the same wrist at the same time.

The incident occurred at a home at 8.47am.

University of Newcastle Professor Geoff Isbister, who is part of the Australian Snakebite Project, told the Newcastle Herald in February that snakebites in Australia caused about two deaths a year.

The project records snakebites and envenomings (when venom enters the blood), examining 70 to 80 per cent of all snakebites in Australia.

"One in 10 cases are snake handlers," he said.

"Then there's men who do stupid things with snakes. And there's still the occasional person who walks out their front door on a rural property and treads on a brown snake."