Attacks on staff soar at Metro South hospitals

Figures show the busy Metro South network is the most violent in Queensland.
Figures show the busy Metro South network is the most violent in Queensland.

METRO South hospital staff have reported a whopping 861 assaults on staff in the past 10 months.

The financial year is on track to become the most violent on record for staff employed by Metro South, which operates Redland, Logan, Beaudesert, Princess Alexandra and QEII Jubilee hospitals.

Opposition health spokeswoman Ros Bates, a former emergency department nurse, has blamed Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk for the violence.

"These statistics are damning and it's clear something needs to be done to address the issue," she said.

"Staff don't deserve to be treated like punching bags."

Health Minister Steven Miles released the information in February after a question in Parliament.

Figures show the busy Metro South network is the most violent in Queensland, with the second highest number of reported acts of aggression - 497 - clocked-up by Metro North.

Both systems service the densest population areas in the state.

Since July 2016, the Metro South health and hospital system has experienced a 60 per cent spike in assaults against staff.

The system passed Metro North as Queensland's most violent health system last financial year to record a horrifying 950 assaults.

It is understood most of those attacks - including verbal and physical assaults - happened at the big Princess Alexandra Hospital, which looks after seriously sick and hurt patients unable to be cared for at smaller hospitals like in the Redlands.

Ms Bates said under-resourcing had escalated problems.

"Our hospitals are bursting at the seams, ramping has sky-rocketed, regional maternity wards have been shut and code yellow has become the new norm," she said.

"Under-resourced staff are working ridiculous hours and are getting absolutely no support from the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

"What's more frightening is the amount of serious assaults on paramedics, doctors and nurses.

Health Minister Steven Miles has been contacted for comment and a break down in figures has been sought.

Last month, a Buccan was man was charged with three counts of common assault and two of wounding after an orderly and security guard were allegedly stabbed at Logan Hospital.