Valentine's Day: Love blossoms in Jimboomba

JIMBOOMBA florists have been inundated with Valentine's Day requests as residents found unique ways to express their love.

Bunch it Up Jimboomba florists Cassandra Bailey and Courtenay Kruger told the Jimboomba Times they had at least 150 orders.

Valentine's Day is only rivaled by Mothers Day when it comes to demand for the local florist's services.

Ms Kruger said customers were mixing up their orders to be different from the traditional bunch of roses.

"You always get the different orders from people who don't like roses like mixed bouquets or native flowers," she said.

"We had an order for a husband and there was a cricket ball in the package, some people get beer."

Meanwhile, there was a mixed local reaction to the Valentine's Day tradition.

Jimboomba couple Beau Wright and Kiarrah Vallins said they did not see the point of celebrating Valentine's Day.

"You are not meant to pay for love even though a lot of people seem to," Mr Wright said.

"If you make your partner a nice meal and kick back and relax with each other that is all that matters.

"You don't have to spend $70 on a meal and stress later on because you don't have any money."

Resident Graham Eagle said he had been married to his wife for 10 years and started dating 12 years ago.

"I always feel Valentine's Day is more for people trying to find love than for people who have already found it. It does mean something though, you have to show your love somehow once a year," he joked.

Mick Rowe said he made the grand gesture of travelling from West Australia to deliver a Valentine's gift to a woman named Derrelle who lives at Beaudesert.

Mr Rowe hopes his gift will be well-received and plans to live in the region permanently.