Flagstone State School leaders plan to leave legacy

FLAGSTONE State School’s school captains aspire to leave a legacy in 2019.

Year six students Kyon Croker, Ella King, Molly Cradden and Olivia Symons were formally recognised as school captains during a leadership ceremony on Tuesday, February 5.

The four students were considered equally worthy of the school captain role, with no vice-captains appointed.

Mr Croker said the leadership team were determined to ensure Flagstone State School would be a friendly and successful learning environment.

“We want to encourage others to be happy and to help others who are feeling down,” he said.

“I have been here for six years and I know what is going on...other people know who I am and what I do for them.”

Ms Symons said the school captains would use their natural “legacy” strengths to promote a stimulating learning experience.

“We want to make the school better and try a new approach to engage students and help them enjoy school,” she said.

“We all have different legacies and passions... my passion is art so I aim to have teams work together and have all students painting and showing our true colours.”

Ms Cradden said her and senior colleagues led a reading club to stimulate literacy for younger students.

Flagstone State School principal Roz Clay said the captains were fine ambassadors for the school.

“They represent our values and beliefs and I’m sure they are going to liaise with the student community and wider community to show Flagstone State School is something we can all be proud of,” she said.

The school captains were nominated by peers and teachers and were required to meet leadership criteria.

Flagstone State School will host a leadership event on Friday, March 8 to promote networking between leaders of other schools.