Letters to the editor

White beauty. Photo: Jane Stackelroth.
White beauty. Photo: Jane Stackelroth.


After years of idle government chatter, promises and pie in the sky stuff about a suburban rail connection for the growing areas along the rail corridor, along comes this freight idea.

What roads are to be used to transport  extra freight which will be offloaded at Bromelton?

I'm just imagining the broken, ad hoc strip of bitumen known as the Mount Lindesay Highway coping with the vastly increased traffic flow of heavy transport. Imagine the Gateway or Logan Motorway with traffic lights, except worse?

We've been promised a suburban rail line out this way for 20 to 30 years.

Maybe they should add passenger carriages to the rear of a coal or freight train because that is where the government and ARTC place us – at the end of the line.

- G. Watton, Logan


During this past year we have reached a tipping point with Australia’s National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Endeavour Foundation has now transitioned more than half of the 4000 people with intellectual disability we support to the scheme, a milestone we share with many other service providers.

People with disability continue to face discrimination in the community and workplace, where they are nearly twice as likely to be unemployed as people without disability.

The NDIS is transformational and provides the necessary funding to improve support services for participants in the scheme but it can only go so far.

It is now up to all Australians to enrich our society by embracing people of differing abilities because without real societal change, the NDIS won’t succeed.

- D. Curd, Endeavour Foundation

Scomo’s promise on Mount Lindesay Highway funding

He’s a bull**** artist, plain and simple. There is not even a long term plan for the highway, so announcing money would produce absolutely nothing.

- M. Gonzalez, via Facebook

The Labor Party is complaining that the federal government is doing too little too late in regards to the highway. The facts are the Mount Lindesay Highway is a state road and has been ignored by the Labor Party. There is no plan and no worthwhile funding. Now that the federal government is offering funding, Labor is complaining.

- T. Langridge, via Facebook

I’M awaiting a response from the Labor communist brigade of Beijing Jim Chalmers and his cohorts.

- K. Lock, via Facebook

Nice to hear the government is putting some funding towards this state road.

- B. Pratt, via Facebook

Why has it taken six years and an election to start giving hand outs. They are just trying to buy votes. Pathetic, the lot of them.

-G. Rowe, via Facebook

Allocate the money before the election please.

- J. Forde, via facebook

He’s running around throwing promises and money about like a third world dictator. After hearing Morrison spruiking the wonderful achievements of the Turnbull government, it leaves you wondering why he got the knife in the back.

- S. Green, via Facebook

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