Soaring temperatures attract snakes to West Logan suburbs

A GREENBANK snake catcher has warned people living in suburban areas they are more likely to encounter snakes at home than in the bush.

SNAKE SEASON: Red-bellied black snakes are commonly seen in the West Logan area.

SNAKE SEASON: Red-bellied black snakes are commonly seen in the West Logan area.

This comes as paramedics transported a female patient, aged in her 60s, in stable condition to Logan Hospital after suffering a snake bite at a South Maclean home at 9pm on Monday, January 7.

The identity of the snake is unknown.

Southside Snake Services owner Tanzen, who has 25 years experience as a snake catcher, said soaring temperatures were attracting snakes to suburbs including Jimboomba, Cedar Grove, Cedar Vale, Greenbank, Munruben, Park Ridge and Beaudesert.

The yellow-faced whip snake.

The yellow-faced whip snake.

“We are in snake season...they are cold blooded, not warm blooded so (snakes) rely on the external environment,” she said.

“To be honest, there are more snakes around suburbia than out in the bush. A lot of people get bitten in their homes and gardens, not on a bush walk.”

Tanzen said it was vital for people to be educated and take appropriate action if they come in contact with a snake.

“If you see a snake outdoors, leave it alone and move slowly as fast movement triggers them to bite,” she said.

 Eastern brown snake.

Eastern brown snake.

“If it is indoors it needs to be relocated.”

In the event of a snake bite, specific first aid treatment is required while waiting for an ambulance to arrive.

Tanzen said the correct technique was to apply a clean dressing over the bite to absorb venom, put a small bandage over the wound, and cover with a large compression bandage to wrap the entire limb. A splint of sling is required to immobilise the limb.

A mix of venomous and non-venomous snakes can be found in the Logan area including eastern brown, red-bellied black snakes, carpet pythons, keelback snakes, tree snakes and yellow-faced whip snakes.

Keelback snake.

Keelback snake.

Tanzen said most snake bites occurred when people took things into their own hands.

“If you leave a snake along, you will most likely be safe,” she said.

“It is important to point out that out is illegal to attempt to catch or kill a snake.

“We should love our wildlife. If you try to kill a snake, you are Un-Australian.”

Snakes are protected in Queensland under the Nature and Conservation Act 1992.

Southside Snake Services can be contacted on 0408 886 225.