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LETTERS: Let us know what you think. Email jtletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Include your full name and address.
LETTERS: Let us know what you think. Email jtletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Include your full name and address.


THIS project is all about the movement of coal. ARTC made that clear during 2017 community information drop-in sessions.

Coal trains have never run along this corridor and residents want to know why the state government has not addressed the environmental issues associated with uncovered coal trains raised by communities along Ipswich coal routes.

Questions are not being answered about this project and not just from residents who live along this stretch of corridor. They also come from: 

  • farmers whose land and crops will be compromised by tracks through farms;
  • farmers who say IR will not be within reach to access economically and will continue with trucks;
  • investors who question the years it will take to make a profit - some say 50 years;
  • the Senate costings committee which asked ARTC chief executive John Fullerton  how it is possible to deliver freight between Melbourne and Brisbane under 24 hours, the time-frame the industry says makes rail freight competitive over road.

- A. Vuu, via Facebook

RAILWAY lines and trains? Who'd have thought? I’d guess that if you bought a property near a rail line you might consider an ever increasing number of trains might run along that line. I bought under the sky and I imagine more planes will eventually fly overhead. Simple really.

- J. Croft, via Facebook


HERE we go again. Let us blame an intersection for people being impatient and making bad decisions to pull out into traffic. If your judgement is that bad, use the overpass 2 kilometres up the road.

- M. Parry, via Facebook

I WAS almost a major crash. My wife and others had to avoid this at 90km an hour. Car was in the south bound lane and she was behind a light truck and couldn’t see the car until a second beforehand. Please use some bloody patience or use Crowson Lane overpass and avoid turning onto the highway at Greenbank Road.

- M. O'Meley, via Facebook

WE suffer weekly tragedies because we keep electing the wrong people. How is the Mount Lindesay goat track not a priority?

- M. Hoggett, via Facebook

SERIOUSLY this road needs to be fixed. How many more accidents have to happen before they fix this road.

- P. Yeeb, via Facebook

DO more people have to die before they fix this road?

- L. Angel, via Facebook

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