Flagstone’s first private school on the way

FLAGSTONE has unveiled the site of its first private school.

UNVEILED: Brisbane Catholic Education secures a 12-hectare site for the first private school in Flagstone City.

UNVEILED: Brisbane Catholic Education secures a 12-hectare site for the first private school in Flagstone City.

Brisbane Catholic Education has bought 12 hectares of land in Peet Limited’s $6.7 billion Flagstone City development at the north end of Flagstonian Drive.

The multi-million school will service one of the biggest new housing zones in Australia with capacity for up to 1800 students from prep to Year 12.

The multi-million dollar investment will be a landmark in Flagstone and add to the educational choices for families moving into the area. It is expected to open in 2023.

Peet Limited CEO and managing director Brendan Gore said there was growing interest in Flagstone as the market recognised Flagston’s future size and potential.

Flagstone is the biggest and most advanced project in the Greater Flagstone Priority Development Area. 

As well as the region’s 126-hectare city centre, it will also deliver 12,000 new homes in the school’s immediate catchment.

“The challenge in building a city of this size is to attract high quality infrastructure early, so it is available to residents as the community grows,” Mr Gore said.

“The new Catholic College will be a landmark in the heart of Flagstone, within walking distance of the proposed future train station. It will give Flagstone families more choice in quality education alongside the existing state primary and secondary schools.

“Over the next 30 years, Flagstone is designed to become the main CBD for a regional population of around 120,000 people – that’s a population comparable to Toowoomba or Cairns.

“Ultimately, Flagstone is likely to support two more schools, with plans for a hospital and tertiary institution, as well as a billion dollar local economy with around 10,000 jobs.”

Brisbane Catholic Education spokeman John Phelan said the new school would launch with Years K-3 and Year 7, adding a new primary and secondary grade each year.

“Our team is constantly looking for suitable land in areas that are experiencing rapid population increases, particularly around Brisbane and the Gold Coast, so Flagstone was an obvious choice,” he said.

“At this stage, we expect to open in 2023, subject to approvals. Our development program typically starts two years ahead. At that point we open expressions of interest for enrolments.

“Often new schools provide the first facilities in a growing area. Flagstone is much more advanced but we still want the school to be a focal point for the community.”

“We will also be forming a community consultative committee to help design the new campus and to have input to the curriculum so it meets the needs of local students.”

Catholic Education is one of the biggest providers in Australia.

It operates about 300 primary and secondary schools across Queensland catering for more than 147,000 students.