Pomeranian loses eye in vicious Teviot Road attack

BELOVED pet dog Bella lost her eye in a brutal midnight attack.

MISSING EYE: Five-year-old Pomeranian Bella was viciously attacked on Teviot Road on September 1. Photo; John Barry

MISSING EYE: Five-year-old Pomeranian Bella was viciously attacked on Teviot Road on September 1. Photo; John Barry

Teviot Road resident John Barry said he let his five-year-old Pomeranian outside to go to the toilet before a roaming dog, about the size of a border collie, unleashed an almost deadly strike on Saturday, September 1 at 11.30pm.

“I heard Bella yelp and by the time I came out her eye was hanging out (of her socket) and she was bleeding from her head,” he said.

“It would have taken a second; just one big snap…the other dog was much larger and almost had half of Bella’s head in its mouth.

“This hits me hard because I am a big bloke but when this stuff happens it makes you realise you are only human.”

With no vets open late on Saturday night, Mr Barry comforted Bella until daylight hours when medical help would be available.

“I didn’t think she would make it because she was losing a lot of blood…she was throwing her head around and I was worried there was some type of brain damage,” he said.

A Jimboomba vet informed the disability pensioner that an operation was required to remove Bella’s eye at a cost of almost $1000.

Mr Barry said he hoped Bella’s near death experience would push pet owners to take greater control of their pets.

“Dogs shouldn’t be roaming the streets but people need to be aware that there are dangers around the neighbourhood no matter how much you try to protect (your pets),” he said.

“I think people need to be more aware of what their animals are doing.”

Bella was described as a friendly and loud companion to Mr Barry and his wife.

“She is a good little house dog but doesn’t stop barking when someone comes,” he said.

“I was fretting more than anyone else for the two days she was in the vet…I missed having her around.”

There have been 625 dog attacks involving a bite reported to Logan City Council in the 2017-2018 financial year.

According to Logan City Council, penalties for failing to keep a dog under effective control can result in a fine between $252.30 and $630.75.

Repeated failures to secure a dog can lead to the issuing of a compliance notice, with the penalty for failing to comply coming at a cost of $883.05 or for the offending animal to be seized from the property.

People can call 3412 5397 to report dog attacks to Logan Council.