Greenbank State School turns 125

GREENBANK State School celebrated its 125th birthday with a school fete.

Thousands of students, teachers and parents, past, present and future turned out to share the fun on the school oval today, September 8, 2018.

Sideshow alley offered all the fun of the fair – on to mention a dunk’em pool where the kids lined up to take pot shots at deputy principal Mark Hitchen. He went down 39 times before he called time.

​“I’m not sure who else was counting, but I was,” he laughed.

Students have spent the semester wondering what school might have been like 125 years ago and recently buried a time capsule filled with work that imagined what life might be like in 25 years time when it is opened by future students.

Teachers Patricia Kulick and Sharon Higginson offered the run.  


“I’ve been teaching here for 34 years. Sharon for 20. I suppose that’s why they put us here, the two old chooks in the old school,” Mrs Kulick laughed.

Mr Hitchen said the turn had been good despite the threat of rain.

“This has been a real exercise in community engagement and we’re please with the results,” he said.

“We had past and present students, parents and teachers all turn. It’s been a lot of fun.”