Jimboomba Thunder takes a stand against domestic violence

JIMBOOMBA Junior Rugby League Football Club joined with clubs from Queensland Rugby League south east division to support not-for-profit organisation RizeUp Australia, making a stand against domestic violence and giving affected families a second chance at a safe life.

The club for the first time joined the RizeUp round running Saturday and Sunday, August 4 and 5, raising funds and collecting household goods to aid families fleeing violent homes.

RizeUp CEO Nicolle Edwards said on average one woman a week and one man a month was killed by a current or former partner. Every two minutes, a police call is registered for domestic violence.

“The RizeUp Round is an opportunity for players, staff, supporters and the entire football community to raise funds and awareness for RizeUp as well as engaging the community to take a stand against domestic violence and the perpetrators who use violence against those in the home,” she said.

Ms Edwards said the round was a vital initiative designed to help those impacted. Funds raised go towards clothing, furniture and food for those in refuge and fleeing unsafe home situations.

Jimboomba Thunder JRLFC president Neil Richards said the club was in awe of the work done by RizeUp.

“Domestic violence is something that effects many people across the nation, in particular women and children,” he said.

“The more we can discuss and shine a light on the impact of domestic violence the more chance we have of fixing the issue.

“Ensuring the safety of our football club members, supporters and families is something we take seriously. The Jimboomba community is extremely closeknit. 

“As a football club our main job, apart from teaching them (kids) to keep fit and enjoy the benefits of sport, is to play our part in creating outstanding young men and women.

“By speaking about these issues we remind everyone it’s something that needs to be spoken about and not swept under the rug.”