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LETTERS: Let us know what you think. Email jtletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Include your full name and address.
LETTERS: Let us know what you think. Email jtletters@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Include your full name and address.


IT IS 12 months since residents received invites from Australian Rail Track Corporation to attend community information sessions. Those who attended know information relayed by ARTC’s consultants was that the bulk of freight would be coal for export, that trains would run 24/7, that it would be noisy and that residents would have to retro-fit their homes with double glazing and air conditioning to maintain their liveability.

Twelve months ago Cherie Dalley, now Logan’s acting mayor, expressed concerns about uncovered coal trains and made reference of her disgust that ARTC had no intention to upgrade bridges across the track. Yet no concern or disgust expressed about the intention to transfer these coal trains from Ipswich into Logan – a non-coal city. Why? Perhaps she would now join with the three state members for Jordan, Logan and Algester in asking the premier to reverse the previous LNP state government decision to transfer the coal trains into Logan and fix the health and environmental issues that Ipswich residents have raised for decades. 

To impose the same issues into our community reflects a negative legacy for any political party.

- A. Vuu, via Facebook


HERE’S the simple solution for those whinging about speed cameras – do the correct speed. It’s not rocket science. It’s not revenue raising. The standard of driving in our district is getting worse. (I) would love to see cameras at both intersections in Jimboomba.

- S. Phillips, via Facebook

CAN’T fix the road? So do something cheap. And make some money. I love how simple minds come up with simple solutions. Maybe ban trucks. Get them off the road. Maybe have rail for passengers? Oh, sorry. We can't have that out here either. Let’s all ride pushbikes to work.

- A. Dauth, via Facebook 

POINT-TO-POINT cameras are not saving lives. There was an accident at the point to point camera this afternoon. What a load of rubbish!

- C. Stanton, via Facebook

CONTRIBUTING factor? Mmmm. Everything you do, from the sleep you had last night, the state of mind you are in, the condition of your car, the weather and other distractions are contributing factors. 

- S. Stanley, via Facebook

CONTRIBUTING ... so in other words, not the cause. (It’s) nice word play to justify revenue raising.

- A. Dixon, via Facebook