Charmaine Maguire says she is done horsing around

BETTER DAYS: Charmaine Maguire and her horse. Photo: Supplied
BETTER DAYS: Charmaine Maguire and her horse. Photo: Supplied

CHARMAINE Maguire attracted national headlines after not knowing it was illegal to ride a horse while drunk.

And now she feels humiliated.

Ms Maguire, 51, was charged by police for being in charge of a horse while intoxicated on June 4 while riding her horse through a Logan Central tavern drive through.

Police recorded a BAC of 0.226, more than four times the legal limit and the unusual event drew wide media coverage.

The Kingston resident contacted the Jimboomba Times and said she saw the funny side of the media puns and jokes at first, but later found herself on the receiving end of abuse.

“Last week was such a horrible week for me,” she said.

“I mastered the jokes and I cracked up over TheCourier-Mail … some of it was funny, but I feel humiliated because they used a front page photo of me rolling around in hay from my Facebook page.

“I do not want the public to think I am joking, this is serious for me. I am actively trying to do something about my alcohol addiction.”

Ms Maguire conceded that in some cases she was her “own worst enemy” having told The Courier-Mail she could have ridden her horse safely even if she was 10 times over the limit.

“I’m brutally honest, that is just who I am,” she said.

According to Blood Alcohol Concentration Calculators, even a reading which is eight times the legal limit can lead to fatal alcohol poisoning.

Ms Maguire said she had been ridiculed by people who were convinced that she was posing for media attention and was mocked for being a disability pensioner who rides a horse.

“I am on the disability pension for different reasons, not just alcoholism. I am a damaged person,” she said.

“I have chronic depression, anxiety and panic attacks and I go to court in less than two weeks.

“My illness is a serious illness. People die from this and I am desperate to make changes in my life.”

Some of the changes Ms Maguire said she was undergoing include counselling, completing programs, attending Alcoholics Anonymous sessions and accepting responsibility for her actions.

“I will be fined and banned from driving at court and will pay for my mistakes,” she said.

“I am feeling extremely depressed but I am trying to think positively. I cried a lot and and feel let down but also had a lot of support from some very kind people.”

Charlotte Maguire will face Beenleigh Magistrates Court on June 26.

Help is available for addictions at Lifeline, Al-Anon and Alcoholics Anonymous.

If you are in crisis contact the 24-hour hotline at Lifeline 13 11 14.