Mt Lindesay highway intersection the worst in the state: RACQ

THE intersection of Greenbank Road and the Mt Lindesay Highway at North Maclean is Queensland’s deadliest, says the RACQ.

DEADLIEST: The intersection of Mt Lindesay highway and Greenbank Road.  Photo: Lisa Simmons

DEADLIEST: The intersection of Mt Lindesay highway and Greenbank Road. Photo: Lisa Simmons

New crash data released by the state’s peak motoring body showed 13 people were injured, requiring transport to hospital after nine crashes that happened from July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2017.

RACQ public policy chief Rebecca Michael said the unsignalised T-intersection was located on a busy, high-speed road and drivers were not giving way correctly.

“We’re relieved to see works have started to add signals to the intersection and put in a new service road and this will go a long way to reducing the number of serious crashes,” she said.

The Logan intersection ranked first in the RACQ’s listing of deadliest intersections. Some 63 people were injured in 43 collisions at the 10 intersections over a three years ending on June 20. 2017.

Four of the hotspots were in Brisbane, three on the Gold Coast, one in Caboolture and one in Mackay.

Dr Michael called on all levels of government to research why these crashes occurred so frequently and said funding should be allocated to make the intersections safer.

“We need our politicians to come to the table here – our federal, state and local representatives need to step up their game,” she said.

“While the blackspot program has been successful in reducing the number of serious crashes in troublesome intersections, continued investment is needed if we’re to get safer roads and safer outcomes for greater Brisbane drivers.”

Dr Michael reminded motorists it was their responsibility to ensure they entered intersections safely.

“Crashes like these can be avoided by taking your time, giving way correctly, following a safe distance and obeying traffic signals and signs.”

The Main Roads upgrade at North Maclean includes connecting St Aldwyn Road and Wearing Road to a new service road joining a new intersection at Greenbank Road with traffic and turning signals and the existing grade-separated interchange at Chambers Flat Road. 

Logan Country Safe City committee chair David Kenny has welcomed improvements that eased traffic congestion and improved road safety but said more was needed than a piecemeal approach and band aid solutions in a region that would experience massive population growth over the next decade.