Miss Woodhill's 60th year brings past and present together

TIFF Chase was crowned the 60th Miss Woodhill winner at the Woodhill Hall in a hotly contested competition on Saturday night.

The long-running dancing event was attended by about 100 people.

Miss Woodhill contenders needed to impress a judging panel including 1960 Miss Woodhill winner Glenys Beaman, Elissa Valenzuela and Beatrice Flesser.

Ms Valenzuela is Mrs Beaman’s grand daughter and wore the dress and sash which delivered Glenys the title 58 years ago.

 Several former Miss and Mrs Woodhill winners and former Woodhill residents were among the guests enjoying a night of old time dancing.

Live band “The Undecided” performed the music on the night.

Miss Woodhill  2018 winner Ms Chase joined with 1960 Miss Woodhill winner Glenys Beaman to cut the celebration cake served for supper.


Junior Miss Winner: Chloe Bunn

Junior Miss Runner-up: Ronnie Steedman

Miss Winner: Tiff Chase

Miss Runner-up: Shannon Ferrando

Mrs Winner: Louis Muller

Mrs Runner-up: Shirley Nelson