Police volunteers help motorists avoid number plate theft

BROWNS Plains and Creastmead police volunteers braved the heat on Thursday to help motorists concerned about number plate theft.

The officers set up base at the Greenbank RSL between 10am and 12pm to voluntarily replace number plates with one-way screws.

Browns Plains volunteer in policing Rory Akermanis said while the anti-theft device was not fool proof, it does would it more difficult for thieves.

“If (thieves) have to rip number plates off because of the screws it makes it more noticeable when they put it on to another car...if the number plate has been damaged people do take notice of it,” he said.

“If they have standard screws it takes only 20 seconds to undo the screws, get the number plate and then they are gone.”

Fellow volunteer Vyv Dance said local people were grateful police were providing the service.

“We have a good relationship with Greenbank RSL and they asked us to come because staff are losing number plates which are stolen and used to do drive offs,” he said.

“We have come in to help out and keep that relationship going.”

Motorists are further encouraged to keep their vehicles in a secure location and to remove valuables from plain sight to remove the risk of being targeted.

People interested in replacing their number plate screws can visit a police station in their area to receive them for free.