Planning under way for Flagstone community hub

A COMMUNITY hub at Flagstone is expected to provide space for community meetings and services, clubs, classes and visiting health professionals.

The facility is being designed by developers Peet Limited, Logan City Council and the Logan Together initiative, with input from residents and organisations.

More than 30 participants attended the first workshop to consider requirements for the hub.

The hub will be located on the eastern side of Flagstonian Drive, between Flagstone bridge and the new regional park.

Peet chief executive and managing director Brendan Gore said the innovative model would help bring new services to Flagstone years ahead of schedule.

“One of the biggest challenges in new developments is being able to provide services early enough to anticipate the needs of the community,” he said.

“By collaborating with council, Logan Together and leading service providers, and using flexible infrastructure, we can be proactive and deliver community services well ahead of demand.”

Cr Trevina Schwarz said the Flagstone hub would be flexible and adaptive.

“There are a lot of community hubs being developed but the Flagstone model is exciting because it’s being designed with community members and service providers input.

“It provides the opportunity to expand as community demand increases and to develop the best solution before permanent facilities are put into place.”

Logan Together director Matthew Cox said community hubs provided a terrific platform for families to connect, have fun and access health and other support services that could help parents.

“It’s terrific to see the private sector, local government and the residents of the area work collaboratively to achieve a solid solution that will benefit local families,” he said.