Editorial | We expect more from our councillors

THE past week has been a tumultuous one for Logan City Council.

Staff members were in tears as they said their goodbyes to chief executive Sharon Kelsey after seven councillors voted in favour of her dismissal. Ratepayers expressed their concern about the turnover of chief executive officers over the past two years.

Mayor Luke Smith said at the time of Ms Kelsey’s employment that the full councillor team was an integral part of the recruitment process and had interviewed all shortlisted candidates. He said Ms Kelsey was unanimously recommended for the role.

This week division and a lack of harmony between councillors was obvious. While this decision has taken centre stage, the elephant in the council chambers is that Logan is one of the councils that formed part of the Crime and Corruption Commission’s Operation Belcarra investigation.

That report said allegations about Cr Smith were still being finalised.

However after last week’s special council meeting, two councillors attacked each other on social media.

Aside from raising concerns about that meeting, they took one another to task about issues in their divisions and they referred inappropriately to the current CCC investigation.

Other social media users responded to the councillors’ too-ing and fro-ing by commenting that there was dysfunction and disharmony and calling the duo’s display a disgrace.

We expect more from our elected representatives. It is time for us to see them displaying some leadership qualities and using their positions in ways that best serve the people of Logan. 

The city needs stability in terms of leadership. The chief executive manages interactions between staff and councillors and ensures appropriate policies, practices and protocols are in place. His or her role is crucial.

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