Councillor sets target for Main Street upgrades

COUNCILLOR Nigel Waistell is confident construction to improve on Main Street will be complete in time for the arrival of the Queen’s Baton on Tamborine Mountain.

The street is being upgraded as part of Scenic Rim Regional Council’s Vibrant and Active Towns and Villages initiative.

The $4.2 million project aims to improve the vibrancy of our towns and villages and revitalise public spaces at Beaudesert, Tamborine Mountain and Boonah while recognising the heritage values of the region.

Three parts of Main Street will be upgraded with a series of new community spaces between Zamia Theatre and North Street.

Cr Waistell said the target for works to be complete by April 1 with the installment of features such as footpaths, picnic tables and a pergola.

“The aim of it all is to make the strip usable and livable,” he said.

“For example, visitors can now purchase items from the bakery or local stores and sit nearby without having to go elsewhere.

Cr Waistell said the four median strips were useless before plans were placed to undergo works in the area.

“There was nothing except a picnic shelter and there was a lot of dirt because the grass wouldn’t grow in one section,” he said.

“This project will bring life back to Main Street.”

Cr Waistell said the community was supportive of the improvements and plans.

“There will also be rock walls placed around the strips, tables and benches created and the picnic shelter will be upgraded,” he said.

“We did consult with local residents about the plan and everyone was for it,” he said.

“Through the consultation period, we listened to the feedback –some residents said the picnic area on the middle strip looked a bus shelter so now it’s on the list of things to improve during construction.”

Cr Waistell said a tree had to be cut down as it was diseased and a risk following an incident last year.

“We had a tree branch come down on a car parked on the side of the road, luckily no one was in the car at the time,” he said.

“But out of every negative comes a positive.

“The removal of the tree will help create three or more car parks on the street once construction is complete.”

A picture of construction on Main Street taken from a drone. Photo: Johnny Brereton

A picture of construction on Main Street taken from a drone. Photo: Johnny Brereton

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