Opinion | Letters to the editor

Treatment plant

I WRITE in respect of the proposed Cedar Grove waste treatment plant. To all those councillors who voted in favour of this disgraceful proposal I pose these questions. You are in favour of your ratepayers donating $100,000 or more to the council for the privilege of having a waste treatment plan in your backyard (expected devaluation of properties in Cedar Grove). You expect your ratepayers to have no say whatsoever in the proposed destruction of their suburb. You expect your ratepayers to receive no benefit for the placement of this waste treatment plant in direct contravention of the legislation. You expect your ratepayers (who have no sewerage but pay to treat their own waste products themselves) to smile and say how wonderful the Logan City Council is putting in something detrimental to the area, you should be lucky to have it. I hope your ratepayers vote you out at the next election.

I am certain that if this was proposed for your area you would have strenuously fought to have it located in the area that it services, Flagstone.  

I have lived in Cedar Grove for nearly 20 years and it is hard to remember anything the Logan City Council has done for the area. Suspiciously in recent times Cedar Grove Road is in the process of being upgraded so heavy trucks can use it. Although being assured this is just an amazing coincidence, it does lead directly to the proposed entry to the sewerage treatment plant.

- S. Bayliss, Cedar Grove

Road signs

I TOTALLY agree with J. Newitt (JT, Jan. 31) about the roadwork signs being left up after the work is completed or being there when no one is working for weeks on end. I wonder if anyone has done a survey when this is the case. I fully expect over 50 per cent of the time no one is there or working. Why can’t we have electronic signs telling us whether any one is actually working? No one wants 100km/h traffic driving by while working but what we have now is counter productive.

- J. Rook, Munruben

Council’s budget submission

STOP wasting our tax money on business cases and just implement the studies and plans that have already been done. It’s so frustrating to hear that money is spent on studies and business cases over and over.

- C. Stanton, via Facebook

Speed limit changes

I WISH they would drop the speed limit on Quinzeh Creek Road. The road is narrow and far too many trucks with trailers rattling along at well over the 80km/h limit.

- D. Doo, via Facebook

Nash Road is one lane bitumen and when passing an oncoming car you have a wheel in the dirt. The road needs doing up not the speed increased.

- S. Partridge, via Facebook

Logan Motorway changes

IT HAS been a long fight to have this dangerous right-hand turn closed. Discussions with Transurban Queensland finally convinced them it should be closed and an underpass was a safer option for vehicles to enter the Logan Motorway from the south on Beaudesert Road. This is a good result for all of those people who signed the petition and the community who fought with us.

- S. Corbett, via Facebook