Women's empowerment forum held at Stockleigh

The women’s auxiliary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Logan celebrated their first Women’s Forum, on the topic of Women’s Empowerment on December 2.

The milestone event held at the Bait-ul-Masroor Mosque in Stockleigh, aimed to provide women from all cultures and religions to come together, from communities across Logan to share their views and inspirational life stories concerning how they became empowered, or how their faith empowers women.

Speakers included Deputy Mayor, Cr Cherie Dalley; Aboriginal Elder, Aunty Heather Castledine; CEO Logan City Council Sharon Kelsey; CEO Access Community Services, Gail Kerr; Delwyn Cameron, representative from the Jewish faith; and Dr Bushra Nasir, member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Logan.

The President of the Women’s Auxiliary of Logan, Mrs Abida Siddiqui said organisers considered the event a success. 

“Islam has an extensive tradition of protecting the civil liberties of women,” she said.

“Women are empowered with many rights and protections under islamic law and are honored with a dignified stature in society. 

“The women in our communities play a vital role in empowering each other to take active part in establishing a peaceful society.

“We are a harmonious community and have been privileged to be engaged with many great women who do great work for our community here in Logan.

“We stand side-by-side with other community members and take an active part in all community activities.

“We hope that this event can uphold our continued commitment to empowering women.”

All dignitaries and guests welcomed the initiative and future women’s events are planned for early next year.