One Nation candidate won't rule out another campaign

Jimboomba local: One Nation candidate for Logan at the last election Scott Bannan.
Jimboomba local: One Nation candidate for Logan at the last election Scott Bannan.

After finishing second to Labor’s Linus Power at the recent state election One Nation candidate Scott Bannan believes voters should give Mr Power the opportunity to fulfil his election promises.

After garnering more than 30 per cent of the primary vote Mr Bannan said he has had many supporters encourage him to continue campaigning in the hope of winning the seat of Logan at the next election but Mr Bannan said that is not something he is keen to do.

“The guy beat me fair and square, he treated me right during the campaign so I’d rather sit back and let him do his job and if he doesn’t do his job, yes I’ll still be here, but I think he deserves the chance to do his job,” he said.

“Everyone is saying you’ve got to run again, you’ve got to run again, but he beat me fair and square, I never wanted to win on preferences anyway, if I was going to win I wanted to win on primary,” he said. 

“He even beat me in my hometown, he got more votes than I did in Jimboomba.

“I’m always going to be here and be part of the community but I’m not going to keep campaigning now I’d rather give the guy a chance to do his job.

“If it comes to election time and the job hasn't been done and people want me to have another go then no problem, I'll have another go.”

Mr Bannan said though there is some federal issues he is passionate about such as the inland rail, he has no desire to run at federal level as some in the community suggested he do.

“I don’t want to go to Canberra, I never ran because I wanted to hang out in Canberra,” he said.

“I didn’t do it for a political career I did it for my area.”

Though he would not completely rule out another tilt at the seat in the future, the man behind Jimboomba X Stadium said he is happy to focus on his concreting business and his Supercross ventures, adding that he did take a lot away from his campaign.

“I met some awesome people, there is probably 20 or 30 people that I’m just all the better for knowing, it was worth it for just that alone,” he said.

“I definitely learned a lot, talking to people and learning how things work I’ve got a lot more respect for people that run councils state or federal, I’ve got a lot more respect for the people that run it.”