FuturePros Tennis Academy holds awards afternoon

FuturePros Tennis Academy celebrated a busy and successful year of tennis for their players and coaches at their annual awards day on November 12.

Players and coaches enjoyed a special afternoon at Logan village All Sports ground in Logan Village, highlighted by a large dose of colour according to coach AJ Thompson.

“We did the colour fun run this year, every year we do something different,” she said.

“There is always the jumping castle and the big slides, but we did a colour hit this year.

“Rather than a colour fun run we called it a colour run hit, so they had to do an obstacle course then the last thing was they had to hit tennis balls covered in coloured chalk.

“We had 350 kids there, it’s always a big day for us and them.”

Thompson said the coaches look forward to the awards day each year as it gives them a chance to get to know the players and their parents away from the tennis court.

“It was just nice because we are so busy through the year we don’t get to spend any social time with everyone,” she said.

“We are always working so we don’t get much of a chance to say hello to the parents and spend some social time with the kids.

“We were able to have a laugh and have some downtime with the kids which was nice.”

Thompson said all of the p[layers received something for their hard work on the court this year, with Logan City Council councillor Laurie Koranski on hand to give out trophies.

“They all got a photo of themselves playing tennis throughout the year which we decorate up for them,” she said.

“They all got a certificate, and every player gets a trophy which is a commitment to training award, because tennis is a long hard road.

“Then we had all the other specialty awards, so we had one for players who have been with us for over seven years, they got a shirt with an award.

“Then there was awards for tour teams and awards for our wheelchair players.”

Thompson said one of the other highlights of the day was a guessing competition.

“We had our sponsors come along as well and we had a Ford Ranger which we filled up with tennis balls and we also had a kids Ford Ranger which we also filled up with tennis balls and people had to guess how many balls were in the tray of each ute,” she said.

“No-one even got remotely close, there was 1600 balls and I think the closest guess was 600 or something.”