Queensland election 2017: Logan candidates have their say

LOGAN CANDIDATES: Linus Power, Daniel Murphy, Gloria Vicario, Scott Bannan and Danielle Cox. Photo: Cheryl Goodenough
LOGAN CANDIDATES: Linus Power, Daniel Murphy, Gloria Vicario, Scott Bannan and Danielle Cox. Photo: Cheryl Goodenough

SEE and hear what the Logan candidates have to say ahead of the Queeensland election on November 25.

Candidates are listed in the order their names will appear on the ballot.

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Gloria Vicario – LNP

Some LNP policies:

· Cutting taxes for businesses by increasing the payroll tax threshold by $25,000 a year.

· $5,000 incentive for businesses taking on a new apprentice.

· Prioritising local contractors and suppliers through our Buy Local Price Match Guarantee policy.

· 20 per cent red tape reduction for businesses over six years.

LNP candidate for Logan electorate Gloria Vicario.

LNP candidate for Logan electorate Gloria Vicario.

· Providing cheaper electricity prices by freezing executive bonuses until price lowering and reliability targets are met.

· Freezing car registration so that families with two six-cylinder cars will save $200.

· Implementing a five-point plan to power renewable energy.

· Investing in building the infrastructure and roads of the future.

· Implementing a comprehensive five-point action plan to take ice off our streets.

· Re-establishing the Queensland Schools Planning Commission to provide independent advice on the future needs of schools.

Liam Jenkinson – The Greens

Liam Jenkinson, the Greens candidate for Logan.

Liam Jenkinson, the Greens candidate for Logan.

I’m running for Logan because I’m deeply concerned about the current political climate in Queensland and want to reverse the trend of corruption and disadvantage. The days of Bjelke-Petersen aren’t over – the politicians, developers and criminals have just got better at hiding it. 

As a Greens representative, I will fight for a ban on dodgy corporate donations and cash-for-access meetings with politicians. 

Our public transport system in Logan is underfunded and unreliable. 

As a Greens candidate, I will fight for better and cheaper public transport through $1 fares and a more simplified, upgraded bus network.

I will also fight for cheaper power bills, a home for everyone, more investment in education and health, new jobs and more rights for renters.

Our system is rigged in favour of big corporations – and so long as Labor and the LNP dominate Queensland politics, nothing will change.

Scott Bannan – One Nation

Scott Bannan

Scott Bannan

My top priorities are to start getting infrastructure before any more growth from roads, public transport to much-needed social infrastructure. 

Logan has been left behind for too long and I feel that pain as I am a lifelong local.

All three levels of government need to work together, this is a must.

To me it's simple, the government wants the area to have the growth then we need the infastructure to support that growth.

One Nation candidate for Logan Scott Bannan.

One Nation candidate for Logan Scott Bannan.

It's common sense and this is what is frustrating all of us in Logan.

My thoughts are people are sick of the standard political talk and election promises.

They want action and a representative to stand up and make the bureaucrats and developers and whoever is in government responsible for leaving Logan behind for so long.

Decisions need to be made on what people want not what bureaucrats think they want, from the inland freight to destroying landmarks like the Greenbank dam.

Governments need to stop talking and start listening.

If I get the job, I won’t forget the people who voted for me as they are the ones I work for, no one else.

Danielle Cox

Danielle Cox

Danielle Cox

My key focus is sustainable development and animal rights.

I’ll tighten laws around tree protection after the LNP threw them out in 2013, and ALP have since failed to reinstate.

Danielle Cox, independent candidate for Logan.

Danielle Cox, independent candidate for Logan.

This has contributed to placing Queensland in the top 10 places in the world for tree-clearing, where 10kmsq of bushland is demolished every single day.

This is greatly affecting our koala habitat and population, which is already highly vulnerable right down the coast of Queensland.

I will protect our precious remaining koala habitat in Logan, and preserve it for other native wildlife.

Just like us, animals deserve to have rights, including the rights to a home and food resources. No one else in politics is speaking up for them!

Each day another patch of bushland is missing and another area zoned off for developers to destroy, largely impacting on our rural and peaceful lifestyle, and placing us in the middle of suburbia!

We are already seeing traffic dramatically increasing on our roads.

Road upgrades promised by other parties are not addressing the underlying issue of poor urban planning, for which there appears to be no end in sight!

It’s time to send a loud message to the big parties.

Linus Power – ALP

Linus Power

Linus Power

We all know that Logan needs better infrastructure. That’s why I have fought hard to deliver real, budgeted upgrades for our major roads and restore our frontline services.

I’ve listened to the community and together with Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk I’ve worked to develop a fully funded plan that puts our community first and ensures that we get our fair share.

I have a real plan to deliver:

- A new high school for Yarrabilba, starting construction next financial year

- Three new four-lane sections and continued intersection upgrades on the Mount Lindesay Highway, including newly announced works between Camp Cable Road and the Johanna/Tamborine Street intersection

- Over 190 new beds at the Logan Hospital, a new maternity ward and 500 new car parks

Linus Power, Logan incumbent.

Linus Power, Logan incumbent.

- New on demand public transport and cheaper bus fares

- Upgrades on Waterford-Tamborine Road, including a four-lane intersection in front of the Logan Village Woollies

- Completion of Yarrabilba State School in 2018

- A new 24/7 ambulance station

- More police on the beat at Jimboomba station

I’m focused on our plan to ensure Logan gets its fair share at this election.

Only a Labor government will stop cuts to our local services and deliver the infrastructure we need.

Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy, independent candidate for Logan.

Daniel Murphy, independent candidate for Logan.

For a lot of people the big issue in this election is roads, rail and other infrastructure.

Logically it would make sense to vote for a person who has built bridges, tunnels, roads, schools.

I understand the practicality of construction.

I understand enough about finance, law and politics to keep people honest.

I have a proven history of working with people across party lines, across special interests and across levels of government to get things done.

I have successfully started, built, run and sold a number of small businesses. 

Due to the new full preferential voting system I have a real chance of being elected.

I need your vote and four of your friend’s votes. 

After that, preferences will work their magic.


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