Mock interviews held at Emmaus College

Emmaus College’s year 10 students scrubbed up and prepared their answers for their mock interviews this week.

As part of the vocational learning program 75 students were placed with an employer for a 10 minute job interview on October 10.

The 21 employers were from areas including the defence force, Queensland Police Service, catering, landscaping and council.

VET co-ordinator Kate Davies said this was an opportunity for students to gain valuable workplace experience.

“For many of our Year 10s, this was the first time they had experienced an interview,” she said.

“It allowed them to understand what an interview is like in a supportive environment.

“Parents were asked to help students prepare for this by helping them to practice their handshakes, assisting them to polish shoes or iron shirts and by asking them some practice questions to help them to clearly explain their ideas and speak about themselves.”

Ms Davies said the employers had been impressed with the students who by all reports had done very well.

“The feedback given to our teachers was very positive and some students were even offered school based traineeships,” she said.

Ms Davies said the year 10 students completed work experience in term three.

“The students are given two options which include our OP pathway students visiting universities and having two days in a workplace or a vocational pathway with students being placed in full time work experience for a week,” she said.