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Write to us in 300 words or less, or email to jtnews@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Supply name, address and contact number.
Write to us in 300 words or less, or email to jtnews@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Supply name, address and contact number.

De-watering Greenbank

IT was extremely gratifying to read in the Jimboomba Times opinion section on August 16 that other residents are concerned about the proposed draining and filling of the beautiful dam on the corner of Greenbank and Teviot Roads by Mirvac.

Since the article, it’s amazing how many people I have spoken to who were totally unaware that this action was going to take place, and were disappointed that the dam could not be included in the development to ensure the safety of the wildlife and add to the ambience of the area.

I recently spoke to a resident who came to the region fifty years ago.

She said the dam was already here, and that anyone who has lived in our area for a while would be aware of the horrendous droughts we have had over the years when most dams dried up and people had to buy water.

And yet, in the thirty-five years that I have lived here, the dam that is going to be drained or "de-watered" in the developer’s terms, has lost little or no volume. Perhaps it is spring-fed?

As development in our community seems to know no bounds, and we are slowly drowning in a sea of concrete, what a wonderful opportunity for Mirvac to be seen not only as compassionate but smart.

I certainly would like to buy a house overlooking such a lovely green oasis. I suppose the almighty dollar is more important than the ultimate destruction of our unique and precious way of life.

- Margaret Francis, North Maclean

HUMANS breed faster than some species of wildlife, and we use more water.

Have the powers that be forgotten our last drought? More dams will be needed, not less.

De-watering does not appear to be a clever move.

- Lily Johnstone Dawson, Logan Village

Marriage survey

WILL the wording of the postal plebiscite be set to harvest a yes vote to distort the result, or will it be an honest presentation to identify the real issue?

Proposed changes to the Marriage Act must be worded to read: Do you support the registration of homosexual relationships? If so, should they be titled ‘civil union’ or ‘marriage’? Should the word ‘marriage’, referring to the family unit of male, female and children, be retained exclusively for traditional families?

Without clarity in the question we will see the usual contempt for democracy, forcing many to vote no.

- Gil May, Forestdale