State plan puts Greater Flagstone, Yarrabilba and Park Ridge in spotlight

BLUEPRINT: Shaping SEQ South East Regional Plan 2017 was released last Friday, August 11.
BLUEPRINT: Shaping SEQ South East Regional Plan 2017 was released last Friday, August 11.

GREATER Flagstone, Yarrabilba and Park Ridge will help accommodate Logan City’s planned population boom within the next 25 years, according to a state government blueprint.

About 89,000 dwellings will need to be built within Logan City by 2041 to home an extra 272, 200 people.

While about 19,000 of those new homes will be constructed within already established zones, 70,000 will be built in areas prioritised for development.

Greater Flagstone, Yarrabilba, Park Ridge and Caboolture West have all been marked to receive the largest proportion of the region’s planned expansion.

The details were included in the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017, which was released by the Department of Local Government on Friday, August 11.

The plan, which covers an area spanning north from the Gold Coast to Noosa and west from the coast to the Lockyer Valley, has replaced the South East Queensland 2009 -2031 planning document, which is linked below.

Logan City mayor Luke Smith said density levels in the new communities would remain at 15 to 25 dwellings per hectare, with lot sizes kept between 300m2 to 600m2.

“The approved plan is consistent with the SEQ Regional Plan 2009-2031, with regards to the most desirable form and distribution of density,” he said.

“The approved (new) plan goes further and includes an explicit statement that local government will determine the best outcomes for centre localities, including the most desirable form and distribution of density.”

Cr Smith said no more land in Logan for urban development was made available by the blueprint.

The Logan area was included in the plan as part of the metro sub-region, which is listed as the “social, cultural and economic heart” of south-east Queensland.

Cr Smith said council had lobbied hard to see the Meadowbrook-Loganholme area recognised as a place of economic significance.

“...we see it as an emerging centre for health, wellbeing and community,” he said.

“That growth will be supported by Logan Hospital, Griffith University and the Loganlea TAFE Campus all being located there, and I am very happy to see the state government recognise this and include this as a change in the plan.”