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Write to us in 300 words or less, or email to jtnews@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Supply name, address and contact number.
Write to us in 300 words or less, or email to jtnews@fairfaxmedia.com.au. Supply name, address and contact number.

Weiry’s funeral

It was heartening to see the coming together of the Jimboomba community last week for John Weir's funeral, particularly the amount of younger cadets, SES crews and, of course, his fire brigade mates. When the chips are down, this town always pulls together. Jimboomba rocks! Love to the Weir family.

- Jim Trammell, Jimboomba

Climate outrage

Your Editorial on July 12 (Climate deniers need to clean up their act) sadly is a misnomer. More correctly it should have been 'history deniers’.

The full story of climate change is lengthy and you cannot cut evidence into pieces and still prosecute your case honestly.  

The current 'climate change' discussion has become a fanatical religious belief, with so many people and politicians saying there are scientists who tell us the problem is all man made.

- Gil May, Forestdale

We are an energy superpower, yet our power prices are going through the roof due to the ideological obsession with emissions targets and the subsidising of renewable energy.

This insanity is being forced upon us by politicians, state and federal, who don't give a damn that low-income earners are struggling to pay their power bills. 

Many countries are building low-emission, clean coal-fired power stations to provide their people with cheap electricity. Where do a lot of them get their coal from? You guessed it, Australia.

We have been signed up (without our permission) to the Paris Climate Accord. This will cost us millions per year and will have no effect on the world's climate.

The climate has been changing (warming and cooling) for millions of years, and will continue to do so, due to natural things such as the sun's radiation and sun-spot activity, and many other factors.

There have been at least 75 major temperature swings in the last 4500 years. Between 9000 and 5000 years ago, summer temperatures were around 2.3 degrees centigrade higher than at present. No power stations in these times. Natural climate variability dominates over human impact.

- Carol Hamilton, North Maclean

Highway war

Give us double lanes all way to Beaudesert, just like all other highways have!

- ​Heather Mackay, via Facebook

This should be four lanes from Park Ridge to Jimboomba with Maclean Bridge duplication. Where are the plans from the 1990s?

- ​Simon Saarikko, via Facebook