Telecommuting and local jobseeking sites are cutting down time stuck in traffic

WORKING from home – or closer to home than we think is possible – is the work/life dream growing more readily available than ever before, particularly as digital technology makes such choices possible.

AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Online resources can assist in cutting down time behind the wheel commuting.

AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Online resources can assist in cutting down time behind the wheel commuting.

Telecommuting is one of the latest buzzwords in the jobseeking space, shorthand for remote or out-of-office work, and over a quarter of all Australians are doing it.

According to workplace psychologist George Mylonas, in the right circumstances telecommuting offers a win-win situation for both employers and employees.

Funny video about the highs and lows of telecommuting

“The most significant benefit for employers is that remote work improves productivity, because there are fewer distractions and employees are better able to concentrate,” he said.

“Plus, employees have enhanced autonomy and control over their work environment, including how they dress, lighting, temperature and background noise, which enhances job satisfaction,” he says.

“For employees, remote work provides more time to balance work and family responsibilities. What’s more, since remote workers are not subjected to direct face-to-face supervision, they experience increased feelings of freedom.” 

Mr Mylonas said remote work has been touted as a major organisational shift for many years but hasn’t gained traction in the public and private sectors because many employers are concerned about decreased productivity – despite evidence to the contrary.

“Employers worry they will lose control over remote workers and be unable to supervise them, provide constructive feedback and deliver performance appraisals,” he says.

“Employers should assist managers to change their perception of remote work by outlining the benefits and providing information on how it is a strategic business tool, standard operating procedure and legitimate way to conduct work rather than an employee perk or exception.

“There shouldn't be any difference between managing remote workers and non-remote workers.”

Reduce your commute

If telecommuting is not an option at your workplace yet, a local jobseeking service might cut your commute considerably.

Since going live in May, has listed more than 570 local jobs and more than 1500 jobseekers have signed up to find work in the City of Logan.

The online hub links City of Logan jobseekers with local employers, an initiative of Logan City Council aiming to make it easier for people who live in Logan to search for jobs in their own community, and for employers to hire locally.

All Purpose Transport at Berrinba has used the site to hire locals.

General manager Paul Kahlert said the transport and logistics company had a 300-strong workforce, which, through efforts over the past 12 months, now had an additional six per cent from the local area.

“By focusing on getting locals for staffing roles, we’ve found they are more engaged by having reduced travel to/from work,” Mr Kahlert said.

“From a driver perspective, our fleet is also growing. We use owner-drivers and have had success with our advertising on in sourcing new drivers.

“I would estimate that we have had around 15 new owner-drivers join the business who are Logan residents.”

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