State Scene with member for Logan Linus Power

Logan loves its volunteers. We have more needs than some other communities.

Sometimes those doing the giving have so little but give so much.

The Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk was in Logan to say thanks and to recognise the volunteers at the Logan Loves Volunteers breakfast recently.

The SES and rural fire brigades made a tremendous difference in keeping Logan residents safe.

We should also recognise the police and fire men and women who did amazing things.

We should especially recognise three SES volunteers, Jim Ferguson, Chris Holloway and Claire Browning who took the lead on the night of the flood of the Albert River when the SES had calls from neighbours that resident Helen Gallo was trapped on her roof with her two children and their grandfather.

In the pitch black, Jim, Chris and Claire unloaded the SES boat and used all their knowledge and training to prepare to rescue the family.

The river was fierce. It was roaring.

The volume of water was just massive.

They said that when they got closer they could definitely hear the screams for help.

Helen Gallo had meanwhile clamoured onto the roof, putting her feet in the gutters to hold the children further up the steep roof. Jim and the team carefully came up to the house's balcony.

They passed the children over the balcony down to the boat before the dogs and lastly the grandfather who insisted that the dogs go first.

Ten anxious minutes later they were on dry land close enough to hear their house tear off its footings and float away.

Jim Ferguson said, “It's nice to be recognised but the recognition is for the SES in general, not just for the three of us.”

The mud army was incredible, taking on the tough task of clearing and sorting.

I want to thank local businesses such as the Beenleigh Mitre 10 and the Maguire family of the Logan Village pub who are organising a flood support concert.

Special recognition also should be given to the Ahmadiyya Muslim community of Stockleigh.

They organised teams and were simply everywhere.

All volunteers who stepped up to help are special people and I thank them most sincerely.

Linus Power MP

Linus Power MP