Representative touch footballer returns with silver

Brooke English will take on a leadership role at the South Coast touch football carnival. Photo: Georgina Bayly
Brooke English will take on a leadership role at the South Coast touch football carnival. Photo: Georgina Bayly

Veresdale touch footballer Brooke English has big future plans after gaining experience with the Elite Eight and soon the South Coast Schools side.

The Elite Eight side is chosen through a Brisbane metro competition and at just 17 English was the youngest player in her Queensland Broncos Women’s Open side. 

Teams travelled to Coffs Harbour to play for four days in late March.

Her team played the NSW Sydney Scorpions in the final round and despite a loss English was ecstatic to be chosen in the game team.

Each game team was selected from a 16 woman squad.

“Getting game time in the finals was huge,” she said.

“I didn’t think I’d get selected because I was so young.”

The middles player said the competition was very quick and strong.

“There are three Queensland and four NSW teams, plus one team made up of everyone else,” she said.

English said she really improved her field talk.

“I really think the series team helped my game as I was able to play with some of the top Australian and Queensland players,” she said.

“It’s really getting out there and playing in front of new coaches and making new friendships.”


The Emmaus College student now prepares for the South Coast school’s touch football competition after being selected for the 16-18 years side earlier this year.

The carnival will be held in early June at Bundaberg, where selection for the Queensland school girls side is up for grabs.

“That is the goal,” she said.

“Just one more selection.”

Being in year 12 is bittersweet for English, after playing on the South Coast side for five years.

“A lot of our girls play together in the Gold Coast club level sides,” she said.

“The South Coast team knows each other, so that makes the drills and the tactics a lot easier to flow through.”

English said the team were bring in a good attack and working on a crisp defence.

“We’ve got some good young girls coming through the team, so the level of play just gets better and better,” she said.

“We’ve got a leadership team that I am apart of, so it’s really good to be able to work with these younger ones.”

English has her sights set for bigger and better and hopes to make the women’s Australian open team in the future.