National Sports Rally held in Stockleigh

The Bait-Ul-Masroor Mosque in Stockleigh welcomed Ahmadiyya Muslim youth from all over Australia over the Easter long weekend to take part in a national sports rally.

According to Ahmadiyya Queensland Press and Media Coordinator Zain Baig, the aim of the rally was to give the youth positive outlets to channel their energies and to help foster a greater sense of community and affinity with Australia.

“To achieve spiritual goals you must have physical fitness. This is a tenet of our faith and really the underlying theme,” he said.

“All over the world, and especially here in Australia, we try our best to stay ready to serve. In the recent floods, we organised a massive relief effort and that was because as 'Muslims for good of mankind,' we must always keep our mind, body and spirit ready to serve our country and nation."

Over three days from April 14-16, sporting teams from across Australia converged on sporting grounds across the region including in Park Ridge where soccer was held and Greenbank where cricket was played. The Mosque played host to basketball, long jump, Archery, rock climbing, Table Tennis, Pool, Badminton, and Volleyball.

Mr Baig said the event brought over a 100 young players to the region in what was the second time the Stockleigh Mosque played host.

“It was a good couple of days. Young players came from as far as Perth and Adelaide. Some youth arrived as early as Tuesday to practice for the sports rally. They were given a tour of Brisbane city and they had a good time until the rally started on Friday" he said.

“The turnout in 2014 was fantastic. This time around total attendance was 249 with 101 young players who travelled from all across Australia to attend this event.”

“There was a pledge in the opening session where the Ahmadiyya Muslim youth pledged allegiance to their country of residence in special words: 'I solemnly pledge, that I shall be ready to sacrifice my life, wealth, time and honour for the sake of my  country and nation' -- this is a pledge that happens in every Ahmadiyya Muslim youth gathering."

An added bonus for the host this year was success in many of the sports played.

“Queensland won quite a few sports, previously in the rally Queensland would come really close but we couldn’t really finish first place but this time there was plenty of first place finishes.

“Even in rock climbing the top three were all from Queensland.”