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Consider chiropractic
Consider chiropractic

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As we age we find ourselves plagued with stiffness, weakness and chronic pain. 

While we can’t stop the inevitability of the effects of ageing, there are ways we can manage the pain and stiffness which comes with it to live well. 

Many people do not realise chiropractic is an effective means to provide relief from ageing pains. 

“We’ve noticed a few older patients have had chronic pain for years, which might not seem spine-related, who didn’t realise we were able to help,” Paul Mellish, of Jimboomba Family Chiro, said.

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“One gentleman had been feeling pain in his ankle and by chance mentioned it. Five minutes later he was able to walk with no pain. 

“Despite age and changes in joints, we are able to tune the joint to take pain from locations such as ankles and knees.”

For seniors facing a knee reconstruction, this is great news. 

“It is best to put off surgery for as long as possible as the new joints only last around 10 years, and a second replacement never works as well,” Mr Mellish said. 

“Comfortable manipulations in the knees and feet can see instant results and enable you to be pain free before having to undergo surgery.”

Chiropractic can also assist in treating pain which comes and goes. 

“If you have pain that isn’t constant, but is regular in the same place, or the same time of day such as a sore lower back in the mornings, we can treat the fault as this always remains the same,” he said. 

“If you have weakness, like not being able to get out of a chair easily, or restrictive or stiff movement, this too can be assisted by chiropractic as it can assist in raising your level of functionality.”

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