So It Goes

The great thing about this heat is that when someone tells you they’re hot, there is no double entendre.  

What they mean when it is actually hot, is that they are feeling the heat.  In fact, they are feeling the heat so intensely, that the idea of any other meaning of the word ‘hot’ is as far from their mind as it is to look ‘hot’ on a very hot day. 

There is plenty of unpleasantness on a hot day, but the heat wave’s silver lining is that finally, people are using their words as they are intended.

For a long time, the word ‘hot’ hasn’t had a whole lot to do with temperature, unless it is the temperature which goes up of the onlooker whenever said ‘hottie’ or ‘smokin’ hottie’ enters the room.

In the past few months, we have all been ‘hotties’ and it doesn’t actually do anything to improve our looks. 

Which brings me to my point; and that is how does this image of a hot body suddenly escalate to become the figurative ‘hottie’?

As our temperatures have risen in recent weeks, the numbers of people who look better as a result seem in direct opposition.

Talking about the heat threads its way through many current conversations.  And where do we talk?  We  travel in air conditioned cars to air conditioned houses and air conditioned offices.  

So really, who wants to be a ‘hottie’? Give me ‘cool’ and all it implies any day.

– Linda Muller