Brett Raguse wants Logan City mayoralty

Brett Raguse.

Brett Raguse.

FORMER federal MP Brett Raguse has confirmed he will stand for mayor at the 2016 local government elections.

The confirmation follows Mayor Pam Parker's announcement that she would not seek re-election next year.

Mr Raguse is currently working as a real estate agent but is a former teacher and former federal MP, having held the seat of Forde between 2007 and 2010.

Despite having held the seat of Forde as a Labor MP, Mr Raguse said he would stand for the mayoralty as an independent.

He said public transport and economic growth would be focuses of his campaign and he wanted to ensure the needs of all residents of Logan were considered.

"One of the biggest concerns I've had is it shouldn't be an us and them situation, it's about bringing the city together and ensuring the needs of Logan City and the high density areas are met as well as the needs of the residents of Logan country," he said.

"For me public transport has always been important, the high density areas are fairly well serviced but we need to look at public transport for other areas especially the east to west corridors of the city."

Mr Raguse said continuing the economic growth of Logan was also crucial to the city's future.

"It's about how we pitch Logan going forward, it's about our next stage, our next step as a city," he said.