Veresdale's Miss Sara Jay seeks to launch world wrestling career

Veresdale woman Simone Johnson has been preparing to step onto the world stage.
Veresdale woman Simone Johnson has been preparing to step onto the world stage.

VERESDALE woman Simone Johnson has been preparing for the past 15 years to step onto the world stage and now the opportunity is within her grasp.

Ms Johnson, known as Miss Sara Jay, was scouted by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) earlier this year to tryout for a position on August 6 and 7 with the company.

Ms Johnson said this was the highest honour in the wrestling world.

If she is chosen out of the 50 or so hopefuls for one of only a couple, if at all, spots handed out, she will be the first Queenslander selected in WWE history and will move to the Unites States to train to wrestle for TV.

Following in her parents footsteps, who have both had success in the fitness industry, the five foot petite athlete has worked "Incredibly hard" to carve out a career for herself in a fiercely competitive field.

Not letting open heart surgery for a murmur and two holes in her heart stand in her way, Johnson has already enjoyed success in her chosen field, wrestling in the United States, Puerto Rico, New Zealand and throughout Australia. 

Winning a place with WWE would be her dream come true, she said, but even if she is not selected, the fact she was personally scouted has given her a confidence boost.

"It is just an incredible feeling to have been asked to tryout, I worked so hard and so long to get where I am, this is an amazing opportunity and I am going to give it my best shot," she said.

"I have spent my whole life working in this industry, it is all I know, I love it, and I know there is a limited timeframe for women so I am thrilled I have this chance."

In the lead-up to the tryout Ms Johnson has been on an intense exercise regime and strict diet which has included cardio and strength training and lots of protein.