Country Living Column by Tracey Brussow

This week I received a country poem in my inbox.  It evoked a wonderful memory.  In fact it made me go dig out my apron just to reminisce.  

Mine sadly has never been used much.  It was never something I acquired a taste or habit for.   In this day and age the value and importance of the apron has been overlooked.  

It’s old fashioned to some but back in the days before fast food and mobiles it served a purpose. 

For the nanas and mums who used to wear an apron or may still, it’s good to remember they hold a story filled with love and hard work. 

I can still see my mother when she would put on her apron; I knew that there would be some serious cooking going on. 

She displayed her unadorned beauty and rustic charm, as she stood at the stove bottling the excess fruit or mixing up another delicious dinner. 

It didn’t matter what she was making, it came straight from the heart. 

She was making a statement.  As I would watch her cook it created a sense of calm and security in me.  As I reflected upon this symbol, which is recognisable by everyone, I realised one thing.  An apron is more about life than fabric. 

If only this practical yet comfortable piece of clothing could share the stories it knew.  It is a history that is long and deep.  Apron strings tie us to good memories.

- Tracey Brussow